Installation of large-scope tanks

LLC “Krepost” has huge and successful experience of large-scope tanks installation.

We have all technical documentation installation:

  • LLC “Krepost” is a member of SRO BVRC “Building Vologda region Complex”. We have admission certificate of tanks, reactors and etc. installation.
  • LLC “Krepost” has a high qualified and certificated stuff (engineers, constructors, installers, welders). Stuff is certificated with accordance of Legislation and standards of RF. Specialists have valid certification of National Agency Welding Control (NAWC).

We effect installation of different application tank types:

  • Ground-based tanks
  • Underground tanks
  • Vertical tanks
  • Horizontal tanks
  • Oil storage tanks and oil-product storage tanks
  • Mini tanks
  • Technological and food tanks

We have our own installation\assembling team. LLC “Krepost” offers assembling of large-scope stainless steel equipment on ORDER’s manufacturing area.

Experience and technical equipment of our assembling\installation team allow us to effect qualified installations of any stainless tanks, including non-standard.

Assembling\installation tanks process depending on location could include:

  • Preparation of construction site
  • Preparation of underlying layer, preparation of waterproofing layer
  • Installation of support plate
  • Tank installation
  • Binding belt fixing
  • Backfilling of foundation
  • Installation of technical draw-wells
  • Connection to piping
  • Foundation construction
  • Transportation of tank elements to installation location
  • Assembling of bottom tank constructions
  • Anchor bolts support fastening to foundation
  • Sheets or coil steel assembling of tank wall
  • Tank’s seams (joints) welding and bolt fastening
  • Cover plate tank installation
  • Stairs and service ramps placement
  • Connection to piping