Installation of large-scope pipelines

LLC “Krepost” company effects quality installation of technological pipelines for various purposes.

Installation of technological pipeline is a very specific process, requiring attention and experience. Qualified work guarantee its operational reliability and durability and, as in consequence of it, uninterrupted operating of your company.

Installation of technological pipelines: specifics

Installation of technological pipelines effects in accordance with strict rules and standards. In applicable regulations such process could be effected only by certificated specialist, certified at established procedure.

Pipeline must be checked after installation. If some defects are appeared, it is remedied and check again. Standards importance could be explained by severe operating conditions of technological pipelines.

Stuff of LLC “Krepost” consists of only high qualified specialists, they easily cope with any difficult tasks on time. GOST regulates this process at some directions: radiographic testing, yield test (in case of iron pipes using) and etc. Also, we are strictly comply with building norms and rules and technical conditions.

We can effect the following variants of pipelines installation:

  • Supply pipelines. It is a complex technical constructions for oil, gas and oil-products transportation. It is multikilometers of long pipes constructions, transferring stations, bridges over roads and rivers. It is produced of steel and connected with welding seals.
  • Technological. Installation of such pipelines serves for water transportation, technical materials and intermediate material materials, using at company. Also it can be used for rubbish and waste transportation. It differs with each other at long parameter list, it includes: method of pipe laying, inner pressure, aggressiveness of transportating substance, nature of transportating substance, method of area and parts connection.
  • Household communications. Installation of pipelines of this type operates in villages and small towns for extracting of some recourses. (water, gas) .