General construction and ground works

LLC “Krepost” company is able to effect general construction and ground works of any complexity. The only experienced and certificated professionals are accepted to fulfill the tasks. We use special and professional instruments and equipment. Also special machinery is used for different types of special works.

General construction and ground works are:

  • Geodetic works
  • Land clearing and background for buildings
  • Foundation of temporary engineer networks, communications, constructions and buildings
  • Ground works: dig basins and etc.
  • Arrangement of boreholes, pile works
  • Formwork constructions, reinforcement and monolithic-concrete works
  • Installation of reinforced concrete structures, foundations and building walls
  • Overlapping of any types
  • Internal structure of separation walls
  • Installation and assembling of wall panels, facade works
  • Stonework, masonry works
  • Assembling of metal-steel structures
  • Assembling of wooden structures
  • Installation and arrangement of window and door openings constructions
  • Thermal insulation and waterproofing works
  • Assembling of roofing laths of soft and rolled materials
  • Assembling of solid roofing: metal tiles, metal roofing and profile
  • External and internal finishing works
  • External engineering networks and communications
  • Site improvement